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Spiritual Direction   What is Spiritual Direction?   Throughout the whole journey of our life, the most important and significant relationship we have is the one we share with God. The completely intimate nature of this relationship makes it precious, and intensely personal. It grows in the quiet of our own reflections and experiences.   […]

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Sunday Services Each Sunday at 9:45am we open what we call third space. We have spaces for living, and spaces for living, but spaces for community are becoming increasingly rare. From 9:45am-10:10am we put coffee on and make our foyer and sanctuary a place to meet new people and catch up with old friends.   Our […]

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‘DOIN’ THE STUFF   ‘Doin’ the stuff’ is a term coined by the founder of the Vineyard movement, a man named John Wimber. As an early believer, John found himself going to church, and sitting through services getting increasingly frustrated. There was lots of talk and pomp, but no action. Finally, one day John approached […]

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