Covid-19 Level Grey

Greetings church family,

The advancement into the Grey zone launches a whole new set of responsibilities for every member of our region.

This year, along with the rest of humanity, we have experienced so many unforeseen changes. For some, this time has been especially trying. For others, this has brought a much-needed pause and reflect. And yet for others still, it’s been an exciting time of change, pregnant with possibility. Whatever part of the wave you find yourself on; the crest, peak, or trough, remember that we are all in this together.

In adapting the coloured zones from the government as a reference point; leadership has determined the following with regards to our in-person services:

  • When the region enters zones Red or Grey: CV services and small groups will move to an online format. Smaller watch parties will no longer meet in-person.
  • When the region enters zones Green, Yellow, or Orange:  CV in-person services, small groups, and smaller watch parties will resume and adhere to capacity regulations as per zone specifications.

During this time, we will focus our attention on additional ways to build a vibrant and robust community amongst our church family and enhance your online experience. Therefore, with the assistance of Zoom, we will be offering an opportunity for those who are unable to stream our services on Facebook or YouTube, to call in and listen to the service. Since Zoom provides both audio and visual components, any persons who would appreciate seeing the faces of the church family while watching the service can also participate via the same link. Additionally, we have screens set up in the sanctuary with the Zoom feed so that we, the worship team, speakers and hosts can see your lovely faces too! Perhaps in this way, the sanctuary won’t feel so empty without you. 

Should this option excite you, as it does us, we ask that you would email so that Jason can send you the link. Also, upon joining CV Zoom, you will be automatically muted, so go ahead and wave at us all, so we know you’re there.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email, and either Scott or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

On behalf of your leadership team, much love!