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Encountering Jesus


We exist and are sustained by ongoing encounters with God.


Jesus shows us the relentless love of God for us—a love that reaches the most ugly parts of our lives. This love is transforming us. It is healing us from our state of brokenness. It is calling us into a full life that doesn’t end with death – a journey full of relationship with God and others that begins now and continues forever.


Our encounter with Jesus is ongoing as he shows God to us by the Holy Spirit, while teaching us what it means to be truly human, as he was.


At the Vineyard we are a people who look forward to every and any opportunity to encounter God.


Go ahead … encounter him with us today.





Living the Story


Once we’ve met God, He invites us to actually become part of his Story by joining in his rescue mission for everybody. God has never given up on his intention to put this world right, and we believe He wants us to play a part in His grand plan.


God is healing us and making us free to realize our deepest passions and spiritual gifts. He’s left a space that our’s alone to fill in his Story, working together we get to become be an actual taste of God’s love, mercy, grace, and power.


Together, let’s find our place in the Story and write another chapter each day.


At the Vineyard we seek to find new and exciting ways to enter into the Story of God for our generation. Go ahead … live it out with us today.