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Equipping Events


Learning and Doing

We are a learning and doing community. This is both a core value and practice of the Vineyard Church. We have a phrase: “Equipping people to do what Jesus did”. What does “equipping” look like at the Vineyard?



We host bible studies throughout the year, along with other courses and sessions created to increase our knowledge about the things of God. Homegroups are also a great environment to be equipped into the Jesus kind of life.



There are lots of opportunities to come alongside those engaged in specific Kingdom initiatives (feeding the less fortunate, have food giveaways in the neighborhood, going outside our walls and praying for people to seeing sick people healed, lonely people in community etc.)


Often, we will have “clinics” where we get to learn hands on about the reality of the Kingdom. At the Vineyard, you will have to try really hard to not have an opportunity to pray for someone around you, regardless of how developed your Christian way of life is.