School of Spiritual Direction

School of The Contemplated Life

Begins in January 29 2021
This leisurely-paced yet substantial introduction to contemplative life will deepen your communion with the Trinity, broaden your perspective of the spiritual life, uncover your God-given desires, provide you with life-giving rhythms, grow you in self-awareness, bring about inner healing, sharpen your discernment, and lead you toward a greater sense of purpose. That’s a lot, and it’s completely within your reach.
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School of Spiritual Direction

Begins in February 2021
Year 1 offers participants an immersive, integrated and robust introduction to the ministry of spiritual direction. Through the combined experience of reading superb literature, engaging in individual and group exercises, paying close attention to one’s life, practicing spiritual disciplines, receiving spiritual direction, and offering direction — all in a communal setting — students move toward competency as spiritual directors.
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Contact Wayne at Registration is a no obligation, free process that sets up a conversation to explore if this is for you. To fill out an application for the school, visit www.sustainablefaith.comBe sure to select Year 1 Cambridge Ontario. 

3 Online info meetings Scheduled

(Nov 17th, 7:30) – (Dec 1, 7:30) – (Jan 6, 7:30)
Space is limited for this school and for the info meetings. Let us know if you are interested in an info meeting so we can reserve your spot by emailing Wayne at or go here to RSVP for an info meeting

Or visit the Sustainable Faith website to fill out an application for the school. Be sure to select Year 1 Cambridge Ontario.

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Nov 17 2020 - Feb 01 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Wayne Macqueen