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Food Give Aways


While food giveaways aren’t our only way of connecting with the world around us, we have discovered that people are often (almost always) willing to accept food.


Here’s the secret to sharing Jesus while giving somebody some food out of the blue: There is no secret. We simply love to surprise people, often strangers, with food (or a cold drink on a hot day, or a hot drink on a cold day… you get the idea). It’s in keeping with the extravagant heart of God who gives far more than we even have a capacity to comprehend.


So, we often give food away (or fruit, or bottles of water), without a hidden agenda. We are always prepared to explain how much God loves us all whenever someone asks us why the heck we’re doing this. More times than we can count, these exchanges include praying for people, bringing their needs before the Father of all good things. And good things happen.


That’s the amazing thing about love: It doesn’t need an agenda to be transformative, and it doesn’t require a script to convey the heart of God towards people everywhere. Plus, we are often at least as transformed by our encounters with other people as they are by us.