Leadership Update

Our Senior Leadership Team has welcomed three new members to our team. Joining us is Margaret Ellen Horrocks, who currently leads worship with her husband, Andy.  Also…and thanks to technology, joining us from a long distance away are Phil and Jen Snell, our missionaries to Brazil!  All three of these great people will bring fresh energy and vision as we blaze forward into 2022!  Welcome, Margaret Ellen, Phil & Jen!  
Some news from our Worship Community:
For the past three years, Chris and Emily Windsor have brought some excellent leadership to our worship community, with encouragement, vision, cohesion and lots of energy! Great leaders also know that maintaining a sense of life-balance is vital in staying healthy. Life’s demands have ramped up for them, and they have made the wise decision to step back from giving leadership to the Worship Community.  
As they step off, we are pleased to welcome Margaret Ellen and Andy Horrocks as our new leaders. In addition to their passionate love for Jesus, they are gifted leaders who bring excellence in both their musical and technical skills. We love their servant-leader hearts!