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Living the Story


Through our ongoing encounter with God, He invites us to become part of his Story by sharing in his mission to restore creation. God has never given up on his intention to put this world right, but he has chosen not to do this apart from humanity. In response to the good news of his reign, we have made Jesus Lord of our lives, and have given ourselves to the planting, development, and multiplication of interdependent, reconciling, and mission-focused communities.


In these communities, in an environment of welcome and embrace, God is healing and freeing us to realize our deepest passions and spiritual gifts. We are empowered to find our place in the Story, working together to announce the reign of God, and endeavoring always to do so in relational and socially relevant ways. We are committed to equipping all followers of Jesus to join his mission through their unique callings.


The Story of Jesus shapes the stories of our communities. His Story came to us in the context of Israel’s Story as told in the Old Testament, and proclaimed by the writers of the New Testament as fulfillment of Israel’s Story. We recognize the authority of these texts, above all other texts, as divinely given to shape us. We also honour their authority by constantly giving place for them in our communities to inform us of the message, character, and mission of Jesus. We reinforce this by observing the ongoing communal practices of Water Baptism and Communion that Jesus ordained. His Story continues through our lives as we seek to live the way of Jesus. As communities, we are intentionally multi-generational. This means including our children and youth, from whom we have much to learn, in our midst. We are committed to passing on the Story in such a way that each generation will encounter Jesus in their own right, and find their place in the Story.


Because God’s Story is one of reconciliation, we are striving towards reflecting the ethnic, cultural, and social diversity of our land of “many nations.” In the spirit of the One we follow, we stand in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed, and are striving to live that out with increasing integrity, for we recognize that no one is truly free while others are oppressed. Because of our unique history, this includes being particularly attentive to an ongoing relationship of honour with Canada’s Indigenous and Francophone peoples, and to the healing of historic wounds in our land, without which there can be no true reconciliation.


Finally, we will express the unity of Christ by finding ways to intentionally collaborate with the International Vineyard Movement and the whole Body of Christ of all denominations, praying and working together to fulfill our mandate to make disciples of all nations. This we will continue until the Story reaches its Finale, at Christ’s Second Coming, where God’s reign will come fully on earth, as it is in Heaven.

– Excerpted from Vineyard Canada’s fusion document.



Jesus announced that his own mission was to proclaim good news to the poor, comfort the brokenhearted, and bring freedom to the oppressed. How did he do this? He announced and demonstrated the good news that the kingdom of God had arrived.


We are empowered to find our place in the Story, working together to announce the reign of God, and endeavoring always to do so in relational and socially relevant ways.