Step 2 – Rebuilding Children & Youth Ministries

Step Two - Build the Base: 

In 2004, the leadership of the Cambridge Vineyard received a prophetic word that has since been a guiding light in our journey forward. It is a word that has been brought to the congregation a few times over the last 18 years. This word brings us comfort and encouragement, all the while calling us to develop and transform.  

Within its sentences run five significant themes, a large part of which concerns our children.  (You can read the whole word here.)

Here’s a little snapshot into what it says, “There is rejoicing and joy in my spiritual realm because of how you treat the children. This church raises them up in the joy of the Lord…There are anointed healers and speakers in your children; I’ve already gifted them – dancers, worshippers, musicians, men who will break their backs bringing in the harvest. Your children will reach out their hands to the needy. The needy will rejoice in their rags as kings.”

So how are we partnering with this word?

  1. In prayer: Two weeks ago, we took the first step to rebuilding with a call to pray for our children and youth. I want to thank those who have joined me on Friday afternoons to pray. We will continue to pray and welcome anyone who desires to join us, in person or via zoom. (For details, email
  2. Serve: This week, we initiate Step Two – Build the Base: Our volunteers are the base of the ministry. For Children & Youth Ministries to succeed, they heavily depend on volunteer participation. These men and women become the infrastructure through which such ministries are built. Not only do they serve to provide support and guidance to children & youth, but through Plan to Protect training, they also provide safety and comfort.  

In this next step of rebuilding, we need to acquire a volunteer base willing to do just that. Individuals who are eager to help nurture and mentor our “dancers, worshippers, musicians, and men who will break their backs bringing in the harvest.”  Helping our families to raise “children that will reach out their hands to the needy.” 

We are looking for:

  • Overseers– to ensure that every classroom is running safely, fulfilling our protection obligations
  • Teachers– to share their love for the Lord, answer the children’s queries about God’s word and His ways and encourage them in the development of intimacy with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
  • Helpers– to support the teachers to engage, guide, comfort, encourage and challenge every child.
  • Screeners– to ensure we fulfill our public health obligations.

You’ve heard it said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Come, be a part of our village. We are looking for you!

If you would like to discuss this further, contact Tab at