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Spring 2015 V.QUiP sessions

God Speak – V.QUiP2015.1

Hearing God’s voice is nothing more than “God, telling His secrets to His friends”. Do you desire to truly hear God’s voice in your life? This book (by Rick Evans) is filled with practical insights on how to grow in your ability to hear from Jesus, and be led into the great adventure that is the Kingdom of God. God Speak is a perfect launching pad.

GOD SPEAK – V.QUIP2015.1 – Info and Reading Plan

Sanctuary of the Soul:
Journey into Meditative Prayer – V.QUiP2015.3

This Richard Foster book engages the idea that because God has spoken and is speaking there is a way to encounter the Bible enabling us to receive the healing word God is always speaking.  Meditative prayer, from our side of the equation, is how we enter that divine fellowship and develop an intimate friendship with Jesus.

Sanctuary of the Soul Study Guide


Do What Jesus Did – V.QUiP2015.4

A Field Guide to Healing the Sick, Routing Demons and Changing Lives Forever. In this book, Robby Dawkins shows us that believers carry the authority of the Son of God and the power of the Holy Spirit wherever they are. When we walk in the presence and authority of God, we will do “what Jesus did” with the same compassion that compelled him.

DO WHAT JESUS DID – V.QUIP2015.4 – Info and Reading Plan & Questions 1

DO WHAT JESUS DID – V.QUIP2015.4 – Reading Plan & Questions 2

DO WHAT JESUS DID – V.QUIP2015.4 – Reading Plan & Questions 3

DO WHAT JESUS DID – V.QUIP2015.4 – Reading Plan & Questions 4 – LAST SESSION


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