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Who We Are Seeking To Be ….


We are a come-as-you-are community

The Vineyard was started by people without a religious background for people without a religious background. Jesus didn’t make his friends jump through religious hoops before hanging out with them, neither should we. We don’t even believe in “us and them”. Whether you’re just curious about faith, coming back after a long time, or super religious with bumper stickers to prove it – come as you are, you’ll be loved!

We are working to become real friends

We try to make church a place where it’s safe to be your honest-to-goodness self. This is a place to take off the masks. A place where your past, your quirks and your hang-ups don’t stand in the way of having great friendships. After all, there are no perfect people, and life is too short to pretend.

We are on a mission to make a difference

We often wonder, if our church disappeared tomorrow, would anyone really care? We hope to make significant contributions to our community through creative service work, neighborhood engagement, and issue-related programs for those with specific challenges. Some of our efforts have turned into traditions, like our Storehouse Ministry. But the ‘entrepreneurial types’ at the Vineyard are always cooking up new projects and new ways to serve our community. If you have an idea, invite some others along!