October 25, 2020

Flying Right Side Up

Passage: Acts 2: 43-47
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So you’ve made the decision to change an aspect in your life, you’ve committed to a process to work that change, and then somewhere along the line you find that things aren’t going as planned?  What’s up with that?  The way that you lived life was ‘normal’, and in changing that, you are now experiencing a new normal. Things are different. You have to think differently, and it takes discipline and perseverance.

It was the same for the early church, and it’s been the same for anyone who has become a follower of Jesus.  We have thought that the way we live life is normal, only to discover that all along we’ve been flying upside down. Jesus calls us to fly right side up, which is disorienting and challenging at the best of times.  However, with our perseverance and the help from the Holy Spirit we discover life as God intended all along!