Who We Are Seeking To Be ….

We are a come-as-you-are community

The Vineyard was started by people without a religious background for people without a religious background. Jesus didn’t make his friends jump through religious hoops before hanging out with them, neither should we. We don’t even believe in “us and them”. Whether you’re just curious about faith, coming back after a long time, or super religious with bumper stickers to prove it – come as you are, you’ll be loved!



Exploring The Vineyard

Sunday Services

Each Sunday from 9:45 am-10:10 am we put coffee on and make our foyer and sanctuary a place to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

Our Worship service begins at 10:15am. Our kids will remain with us during this time and following service will be brought over to the kids program.

At the Vineyard, we deeply value being together.Our Sunday celebration is an essential part of our life as a worshiping family.It’s not the worship bands or our speakers that make out time together so special. It’s the very real presence of Jesus among us.

Kids Programs

We believe that our kids have the same sized God as the grown ups do. They prove it to us all the time. At the Vineyard, kids play a huge part of who we are and how we worship. We teach them, yes. But they teach us adults a whole lot too. Somehow, we think that’s what Jesus had in mind when He told us all to be like little children.

We are all about partnering with parents to lay a spiritual foundation that leads our kids into a life-long relationship with Jesus. We have something for ages from 9 months to Grade 12.

A Practical and engaging time of Teaching

After releasing our children to their programs, we have a few minutes to connect with the people around us, and hopefully meet someone new. Each Sunday, we have engaging speakers who address how life as we know it is being transformed by the teachings of the Bible and the life of Jesus. We are always challenging ourselves to encounter God and live out HIS Story in real world ways. If you like, check out one of teachers in action.Just go to the “Sunday Teachings” link under the RESOURCES navigation bar.

Prayer for you and your family

Our gatherings close with an opportunity to get prayed for. We believe that God comes in power when we ask sometimes bringing physical healing, inner assurance and peace, or a felt sense of His presence. Inviting someone to pray personally for you is a powerful way of experiencing God at work in your life.