October 14, 2018

Follow the Cloud

Passage: Genesis 17:1
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Bible Text: Genesis 17:1 | Preacher: Tabitha Fellman | Series: Follow the Cloud

As believers, what does the Lord require of us? What a tremendous question to ask. It can feel like a loaded question, like a mirror reflecting back some uncomfortable pieces within us. With such an obviously large question, we get a first glimpse of an answer in Genesis 17:1 “I am God Almighty, Live in my presence and be blameless.”

It is easy for our hearts to become hardened as we face obstacles in our daily lives. We can sometimes feel so far removed from peace that a hardened heart may even seem like a good idea. As a result, we become locked in a state of disconnect. So how do we obey God’s command to “Live in His presence?” We must move when He moves and stop when He stops. We Follow the Cloud.