October 17, 2021

Healer of Our Souls

Passage: Luke 10: 38-40
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Amid all the noise in our world, there is a voice that is calling to us. You can barely hear it, but if you’ll stop and listen, you can make out the words that go something like, “Come…be with me, and let me heal you.” That voice is, and always has been, none other than Jesus. Jesus calls us to take our eyes off the news feeds, off the social media posts, and off the notifications that continually intrude into our space. To be still, to sit, and experience the healing power of his presence.

Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself, like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mother’s milk. Yes, like a weaned child is my soul within me.  Psalm 132: 2 NLT