March 29, 2020

How will you get through this?

Passage: Matthew 3:13-17
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Many people right now are asking the question: “Will we get through this?”  That’s a reasonable question to be asking in this time.  But if history tells us anything, it does tell us that, yes, humanity will get through this and flourish.  The resilience and perseverance of humanity is nothing short of amazing.  But it’s the getting through part that can cause fear to crash in all around us.  So really, the question isn’t “Will we get through this?”, rather HOW will we get through this?  And the HOW part, we get to choose.  As followers of Jesus, we lean heavily on him and how he calls us to live our lives in the midst of the chaos that’s swirling our planet.  Jesus is the HOW to the current chaos in our world.