April 23, 2017

It’s Not WHAT It’s WHO

Passage: John 14: 1-6
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Bible Text: John 14: 1-6 | Preacher: Scott Roe | Series: It’s Not WHAT It’s WHO

Where we start from, shapes everything in going forward!  Yes, our starting point is absolutely critical.  One would think that being one of the disciples would have made believing in Jesus very natural.  But apparently not.  The gospels point out that the disciples struggled with believing that Jesus was resurrected, days after the event occurred.  Poor Thomas sometimes gets a bad rap as being the only one who doubted.  In actuality, Thomas represents all of us.  Somewhere along the way, belief gets misdirected.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.”  John 1: 14