September 17, 2017

Jesus At The Playground (A panel discussion)

Preacher: Jacqui Pylypiw, Scott Roe, Shaina Smith, Tabitha Fellman

For all intents and purposes, Jesus was the great leveler of all time.  He treated the rich and the poor as equals, same with the sick and the healthy, and men and women.  But he didn’t stop there, he also treated ‘adults’ and children as equals.  It would seem that Jesus didn’t see ‘categories’ or ‘classes’, rather he saw people.

Jesus has commissioned us to be like him and make disciples, and that includes our littlest people.  We have the privilege of helping parents shape the hearts and minds of their children by training them up in living like Jesus.  This morning we are going to have a panel discussion about thehonour we have of serving families by serving their children.