October 8, 2017

The Eye Of The Beholder

Passage: Psalm 27:4
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Bible Text: Psalm 27:4 | Preacher: Kris MacQueen | Series: Beautiful One

Most of us understand that beauty is subjective. When we say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, that’s what we mean. Sometimes what is beautiful to one person may be revolting to another. The thing is, most of our sense of what is beautiful is learned, not instinctual. What feels natural to us might not be natural at all. Think about this for a moment. Jesus, who was and is the actual perfect human being, so offended his own people that they killed him. He was the very revelation of God, but he wasn’t what they expected.

Are we so different? Is the face of Christ what we really expect to see when we consider the face of God? What would our lives look like if we let Jesus form us into beholders of His beauty?