January 12, 2020

Wait for God!

Passage: Psalm 27, Psalm 42, Psalm 46
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“Cultivating a life of prayer, enables us to lean into a depth of spirituality and grace, both individually and corporately, that helps us discern not only where and how the wind is blowing, but how to maneuver and cooperate with it. Or when to wait. Thanksgiving. Intercession. Petition. Supplication. Faith. Imprecation. Contemplation. Fervency. Consecration. Adoration. This beautiful and artful array of prayer laid out in the biblical narrative should give us more than ample proof that prayer is not some static, formulaic way to make God move, but rather a recognition that, as Jesus said, He’s always at work and we must see and engage with what He is already doing. Prayer brings us into this place of a non-anxious presence and confidence that God is with us.” 

                          David and Anita Ruis – National Directors, Vineyard Canada

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