May 12, 2019

Setting Things to Right

Passage: Romans 5:19, Romans 6: 5-11
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Bible Text: Romans 5:19, Romans 6: 5-11 | Preacher: Scott Roe | Series: Life Re-Defined – Living in the Reality of the Resurrection | Whether it’s laying flooring down, laying bricks, or building a wall, if you’ve ever done any renovations then you know the importance of making sure the first step is done right.  If the flooring is not square to the wall and room, or if the first row of bricks is not perfectly level, then everything else will be off.

The same is true in our faith journey with Jesus.  Rather than looking back at what we are saved from, we need to look forward to what we are saved to.  The resurrection of Jesus was a game changer for humanity. When we get this right, everything else begins to fall into place.