November 28, 2021

The Humble King of Hope

Passage: Philippians 2: 5-8
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Humble King – when royalty meets humility

We now enter into the season of ‘waiting’, which is exactly what the word ‘advent’ means. It’s not a meaningless wait, but one with expectation, hope and desire. It’s the posture of what it means to be Christian. We wait, and allow God to come into the world in the form of Jesus. Not with flash and fanfare, rather with humility. We welcome ‘God with us’!  During Advent, we will glimpse into the mystery when royalty met humility in the tiny form of Jesus.

The Humble King of Hope

Hope. One of the elements of waiting is expectation of what was promised will in fact occur. Possible? Just talk to any couple who are pregnant and are waiting for the birth of this new human being growing inside of the mother. It is not uncommon to hear people exclaim, “We are expecting!”  Not only is there joy in that statement, but a solid hope, that this birth will happen! Jesus has been given to the world. And now, his followers wait with hope for his return.