January 10, 2021

Who Am I Following?

Passage: Matthew 4: 18-19
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2020 will be remembered for many things, but primarily it will be remembered for the pandemic that we had and continue to endure. It revealed much about humanity, about the importance of togetherness, and the fragility of life. Throughout the Church, we saw followers of Jesus coming together to pray, to care for one another, and gathering for worship, be it virtually, or modified gatherings.

However, globally and in particular, North America, we have become a polarized people, to such a degree that hasn’t been seen in decades. Unfortunately, this polarization has also been exposed throughout the Church. It begs the questions: Who exactly are we following, and have we forgotten what it means to be followers of Jesus?  While this can be a bit uncomfortable to hear, we have the opportunity to turn this around and become known as the people who live life the Jesus Way.