Baby Bottle Campaign

The Dawn Centre Blessings Baby Bottle Campaign

Mother’s Day through Father’s Day (May 14-June 18)

Usually, when someone says they are full it means they are satisfied; they have had enough. It is common for clients at Dawn Centre to come in feeling empty, or feeling like they are not enough, or full of negative thoughts and experiences.
The Dawn Centre is a community-based, Christian charitable organization. They support their clients in their plan of care to work towards physical, emotional, relational and spiritual wellness.
You can partner with Dawn Centre by:
1. Taking home a bottle (available at church) and fill it up with change, bills, or a cheque and return it to the church by Father’s Day.
2. Fill a virtual bottle by clicking  FILL THEM UP .
3. E-transfers can be sent to Please put your contact info in the message box to ensure you receive your tax receipt. Security answers answers can be put in message box or separate email.
To learn more about Dawn Center visit:
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May 14 2023 - Jun 18 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Dawn Centre Website