November 7, 2021

A Life Worth Living

Passage: Philippians 1: 9-11
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One of the amazing things about love that emanates from God is the freedom of choice. God lets us choose how we live our lives, and that includes making God our Lord, or not. Jesus came as the way to the Father…the way to life – the real life.  It’s a LIFE lived in peace, joy, love, wholeness, blessings, praise, etc.  Jesus calls us to follow him, not because he can show us a ‘better way’,

A Life Worth Living

There’s a shaking going on throughout the Church in North America that happens from time to time. Shakings aren’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s uncomfortable to us because it shakes those areas we have become comfortable in. But how cool is it that God loves us too much to let us linger in our comfort. God instead is calling us and inviting us to not just a good life, but to REAL LIFE.

but because he is THE WAY.