May 28, 2017

Do the Work – Aligning for the Future

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Preacher: Scott Roe | Series: Do The Work

It’s interesting how we begin following Jesus with good intentions to ‘do things his way’, but then something shifts.  Somewhere along the way, rather then allowing Jesus to reshape and transform us, we begin to reshape him to our way of life.  It’s much like when something goes out of alignment.  At first you don’t really notice it, but after awhile we begin to see the effects of the misalignment, and that’s when an alignment must be done.

The prophet Haggai had a similar message for the Israelites.  Somewhere along the way their focus had gotten off God, and effects soon became apparent.  It was once again time for alignment.  Here at the Vineyard, we recognize that God has been with us throughout our history, even in the seasons when our focus did a subtle shift.  However, we serve a God who loves us, knows our future, and encourages us to do the work.