June 4, 2017

Do the Work – Creation Care

Passage: Genesis 1: 26-28; 2: 15
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Bible Text: Genesis 1: 26-28; 2: 15 | Preacher: Scott Roe | Series: Do The Work

Here’s something to consider: Genesis opens with God breathing life into creation – everything from the stars and galaxies to the earth and all vegetation and animal life.  And God calls all of his creation ‘good’.  God then creates human beings in his image and releases us to fill the earth and govern or rule it. So as a follower of Jesus, what should our posture be when it comes to all of creation on planet Earth?  Are we to care for it and manage it well?  Remain neutral towards it?  Or are we free to exploit it?  In order to find the answer to those questions, we need to take a panoramic view of Scripture.  When we do that, we’ll discover God’s heart towards his creation.  It will make you smile!