July 16, 2023

FRAGILE…Handle With Care

Passage: Ephesians 4: 11-12
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May I Pray for You? – Equipping followers of Jesus to ‘do the stuff’

In the gospels, Jesus flat lines our concept of leader-follower roles in society. Much of Jesus’ three years of public ministry entailed equipping his followers to do what he did, or as we say in the Vineyard – ‘doin the stuff’. The Jesus way is leaders serving the body of Christ by equipping them to be ministers of healing, both inside and outside of the church. One of the ways we can minister to others is with prayer. As we submit to the rule and reign of Jesus, the Spirit ministers in ways we would never expect.

This summer our teaching series will include some equipping time for those who would like to practice. This will all be done under the guidance of our prayer ministry team. Let’s gather with expectation for the Kingdom to break through!

FRAGILE…Handle with Care!

Jesus came announcing that the Kingdom of God is near! What Jesus taught and the signs and wonders that accompanied his teachings confirmed this announcement. However, Jesus’ call to follow him, meant that Jesus would continue his mission through his followers.  As Jesus loves all people, so too are we to love all people. As we pray for others, and love them as Jesus loves them…the Kingdom comes!