January 14, 2024

JESUS…The Answer to Life’s Biggest Questions

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Jesus…The Answer to the Life’s Biggest Question

As we enter into a new year, it’s natural for people to wonder if the world is going to improve at all. You can sense that people want to hope, but fear and despair seem to be pushing back. And no doubt, some of the questions lingering deep within people are probably: “What’s life all about? What’s the meaning of it?” And Jesus stands at the crossroads of these questions and calls us to follow him – the One who is the meaning to all of life.

For us who are his followers, we have great news for our neighbours, and that great news is none other than Jesus. It’s why in a couple of weeks from now, we are launching Alpha. We want to introduce others to this one person who brings meaning to all of life.

End Song: Lily of the Valley, Written by David Ruis (Copyright © 2000 Vineyard Songs Canada)