June 19, 2016

LOVE Loves to Love

Passage: John 15: 9-12
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Bible Text: John 15: 9-12 | Preacher: Christine Lakatos

God loves us with the intensity that God loves God (John 15:9).  Abiding in love includes taking the initiative to love others.  God empowers us to love by receiving his love, and he commissions us to express his love to people whom he loves.  Our love for others is the measure of our love for Jesus!  We do not passively wait, with a spirit of entitlement, for someone to love and befriend us.  We think ahead and take the first step out of our comfort zone.  We then find that dynamic changes are made within us.  We actually discover a strengthening and maturing of the love of God in us, that could not have been discovered outside of this lifestyle.