January 26, 2020

Naked Prayer

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Passage: Exodus 14: 5-14
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Bible Text: Exodus 14: 5-14 | Preacher: Pam Windsor, Scott Roe | Series: Call to Prayer & Fasting | Father – we are Your children. As we lead in Your kingdom and serve the Vineyard Community, may we never lose the wonder and simplicity of child-like trust. Heal us of the distortions of the soul we carry from dysfunction, abandonment and abuse in our earthly families and grace us with a renewed vision of family so we may see who You are and what You do that we may obey.

Jesus – we follow You. Head of the “C”hurch and the only hope for the Vineyard Community. Be our centre. Be our model. May we reflect You, as You reflect the God-Head, in all areas of dialogue, spiritual rhythms and strategy that we undertake together. We open our hands, our minds and our wills to Your transformational presence – Christ in us.

Spirit we need You. Awaken our spirits, that we may cry, “Abba-Father”. Reveal the Son to us that we may behold His beauty and become like Him. We surrender to Your wisdom. We attune ourselves to Your voice of reason and righteousness that we may do the will of the Father and engage in the words and works of the Son. Equip us to serve the Vineyard Communities. Empower us to lead with grace and humility. Employ us that we may love the whole “C”hurch, deliver the captives and disciple the communities under our care.