August 2, 2020

Spiritual Food

Passage: John 6:35
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Bible Text: John 6:35 | Preacher: Jen Snell | Are you Spiritually Hungry? Our physical bodies survive on food, if we don’t eat for awhile we become malnourished and our organ function will begin to shut down. In the same way, our spiritual body requires SPIRITUAL FOOD. The quality of this “food” and how often we “feed” ourselves, has a bigger impact on our being as a whole than you may realize.

This Sunday, we are pleased to welcome our guest speaker Jen Snell!
Phil & Jen Snell are full time missionaries in  João Pessoa, Brazil. They strive to offer a way out of a life of sexual exploitation offering emotional, practical and spiritual support in order to see women and men liberated from the chains of poverty and exploitation, empowered to transform their lives. To learn more about all the encouraging work they have been doing, contact, support or pray for them and their ministry, give their website a visit at: