January 7, 2018

SYNERGY – Ethos of Kingdom Life – Baseline

Passage: Matthew 22: 37-40
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Bible Text: Matthew 22: 37-40 | Preacher: Scott Roe | Series: SYNERGY – Ethos of Kingdom Life

There are certain times throughout one’s life when we need to push the pause button on our busy activities, re-valuate our values, and then take a look at those things that occupy our time.  We then need to ask the question, “Do the things that occupy our time line up with what we value?”  We then give our attention and time to those areas that speak to our values.

Throughout Scripture, we come across person after person who knew what was important in their life and put their energies into activities that reflected those values.  As a faith community, we need to do the same.  Throughout January, we are going to do just that with the goal of making the main thing, the main thing.