February 11, 2018

the least, the last, the lost…the homeward bound – Showing the Way Back Home

Passage: Isaiah 61:1-2
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Bible Text: Isaiah 61:1-2 | Preacher: Scott Roe | Series: the last, the least, the lost…the homebound

Do you see the world the way God sees the world?  Society has categorized people ad nauseum for as long as human history has been recorded.  And then Jesus came on the scene and turned everything on its head.  Who we thought was first, was now last.  Those whom we deemed to be the greatest had now become the least.  The forgotten or those pushed to the side, they were now the found ones.

The beauty of God’s Kingdom is that it sees every human being as a person worthy to be loved, embraced, and welcomed into God’s family.  Our participation in the Coldest Night of the Year is a prayer for God’s Kingdom to practically come to all people in our city.  That’s why we walk!