July 30, 2023

Transitioning into Prayer

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This week in our summer series (May I Pray for You?)  we explore Step 3 of the 5-Step Prayer Model, “Prayer Selection.”

At the heart of this, lies our unique partnership with the Holy Spirit. Through this connection, we gain the wisdom to discern the perfect type of prayer for any situation. Let us discover the prayers that align with the loving will of the Lord, as we learn to hear the still, small voice gently guiding us to pray powerfully and purposefully. Drawing inspiration from the scriptures and the teachings of Jesus, we will learn about stepping into prayer with unwavering faith. Where fear loses its hold, we can boldly move forward, trusting in the love and grace of our Creator.

Remember, practice is a gentle and patient teacher. Through hands-on exercises and real-life examples, we will grow in confidence, equipping ourselves to approach any prayer with conviction and sincerity.
Our aim is always to create a safe and nurturing space. Let us come together with open hearts, supporting and uplifting one another on this journey.