March 20, 2022

Ubuntu – I Am Because You Are (all life is sacred)

Passage: Matthew 5: 21-26
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And so we now leave ‘what we know’ and follow Jesus into his core teaching, or REAL LIFE (Sermon on the Mount). At times THE WAY will feel familiar. At other times, it will be jarring. Things are going to seem foreign, but pay attention to your heart. As you continue to move forward, deeper into THE WAY, you will notice a stirring within you, and that stirring is life…REAL LIFE.

Jesus’ entry point begins with the sacredness of all of creation, and we are part of that creation. How I care for you is how I care for myself, and in the end, how I care for God. In African culture there is a word that seems to capture how Jesus lived. That word is ‘ubuntu’. Apparently the English language doesn’t have a word to capture the meaning, which is – I am because you are. In other words, all life is sacred.