What’s Your Sign

January 3, 2016
Most organizations and churches have a sign out front with some form of message.  Some of the messages are well thought out, while others use 'canned' sayings.  Our lives are…

On Redemption

December 27, 2015
Jesus has been born. Now what?

Finding Hope

December 20, 2015
Every so often, we ask our kids to lead us. They lead worship, teach, and pray for people. December 20th, they explored the theme of Hope and what it means…

God is NO grinch

December 18, 2015


December 13, 2015


December 11, 2015
This is a video clip of A Christmas Carol which was used to intro the teaching.  Enjoy!

Celebrating the First Advent of 2015. Hope. Before Livia began, this video was shown:   Immanuel (Hope has Answered) from Mothlight Creative on Vimeo.

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