September 17, 2023

Doin the Stuff…for One Another

Passage: Luke 5: 17-26
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Throughout the summer, we learned about prayer along with some demonstration and a bit of practice. Now we enter the next phase…the practicum. For the next two Sundays we get to practice the Five Step Prayer Model with one another. This is the equipping stage, where as John Wimber said, “everyone gets to play.”

Regardless of what field one studies, the goal at the end is more often than not, the same. A student enters the classroom and is taught the history of that particular field, the theory and the principles. All of that is preparation for what’s called the practicum, practically doing what you’ve learned in the classroom. When Jesus went about training his disciples, he taught them from the Scriptures in simple language, followed up with a demonstration and then told them to go and do the same. This week is part 2 of our practicum. Jesus says to us, Give as freely as you have received. Of all the gifts of the Kingdom, the most amazing is the gift of forgiveness. God gave it, we received it. As his followers, we get to do the same, both in giving and leading others in the way of forgiveness.