March 5, 2017

The Kingdom of God – When Everything Changes

Passage: Mark 1:15
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Bible Text: Mark 1:15 | Preacher: Patrick Kilborn, Scott Roe | Series: The Kingdom of God

The apex or centre point of the Scriptures centers around the coming of the rule and reign of Jesus along with the announcement of the Kingdom.  He calls all people to repent, or re-think/change how they think and perceive reality, and then through his words and works, Jesus shows us a whole new reality!

How does this reality affect you?  Is looking for the in-breaking of the Kingdom in your day-to-day life the norm for you, or do you really have to think about it?  What questions have yet to be answered for you?

Today, Scott and Patrick Kilborn will do their best to answer some of your questions about the Kingdom.